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Dr. David Canale is a local dentist in Moorpark who takes great pride in providing honest professional health care to the community. He provides care for all phases of dentistry including children's dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and geriatric dentistry. Born and raised in Southern California, he attended Granada Hills High, then Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, graduating in 1997 from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in Loma Linda, California. His post doctoral training includes a hospital-based dental residency in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Canale is a former instructor for the California Dental Board Preparatory Course and is also a published author. He has built his reputation on honesty, fairness, and the highest level of competence.

General Info:

• Convenient hours including Saturdays and nights until 9pm

• Convenient location and parking

• Free friendly phone service

• Latest technology in dentistry and infection control

• Private rooms with tv and movies

• All PPO dental insurance welcome

• Treating children , adults, and the whole family

• Dentistry with a personal touch

• A community reputation built on trust and competence


165 E. High Street, Ste 101 Moorpark, CA 93021 (click for Google Maps)

Testimonials from real patients:

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Cosmetic dentistry including:

Veneers, white fillings, bonding, porcelain crowns and teeth whitening.

Oral health care including:

Root canals, extractions, dentures, and procedures for periodontal health.

Tooth replacement including:

Single unit implants, bridge implants implants for stable dentures.

What We Do For Cowards

The fear of pain in the course of dental treatment has caused millions of people to avoid regular visits. Hardly a dentist has not heard the expression, "I'd rather have a baby than a root canal." This paradoxical attitude results in unnecessary dental neglect, worsening of dental conditions, and future pain and expense. It is both unfortunate and preventable. There are many approaches to modern dentistry that may significantly reduce apprehension and anxiety before and during dental procedures.

The use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), sedatives, stereo headphones, topical anesthetics and hypnosis are but a few methods of calming most dental phobics. In exceptional cases, a general anesthetic may be indicated to provide a less emotionally debilitating dental experience. Certainly, the most effective practice of managing dental apprehension is communication. Rather than tightly grip the armrests, convey your concerns to us prior to treatment. Identify what approaches in the past have relieved the stress of an unpleasant dental visit and those that create trauma. We are well trained in the psychology of care and comfort.


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I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Dr. Canale. Prior to my visit last week, I had not been to the dentist in almost five years and wasn't feeling great about going back in. Dr. Canale explained exactly what we were going to do from initial x-rays to polishing to proper brushing techniques all the while letting me know what was going on which helped me to relax. He was even able to accomodate my busy schedule and see me at 6pm.

The experience was truly one of a kind and i would encourage anyone who hasn't been to the dentist in a while to give him a call as he will be able to gently transition you back into a healthy dental routine.

Your new and most loyal patient,



I recently saw an ad in the 'Moorpark Acorn' from Dr. Canale on High Street in Moorpark. I was in need of dental work but, having no dental insurance and living on a fixed income, dental care had gone by the wayside. Dr. Canale advertised a senior discount for uninsured seniors, so I paid him a visit.

I made appointments for a cleaning and filling. Dr. Canale was true to his word and gave me the senior discount. He is professional, caring and answered all my concerns. He did a great job with my filling and I no longer have a toothache.

He is my dentist from now on.




Dr. Canale is THE most wonderful dentist I have ever visited. He is professional, highly qualified, extremely up-to-date, conscientious, understanding, compassionate, convenient, and reasonable.

He was able to schedule same-day appointments for both my neice and I. He actually called me on the phone himself to discuss what it was i needed. When i got to the office, he put my fears at ease and treated me like a person, spending time with me, unknown in offices that overbook their doctors. He explained what was happening to me during the procedure and checked in with me to see if i was okay. I felt like i had gone back in time to a little town in the country, when doctors were a part of the community and cared about and went our of their way to take care of the people in that community.

I gladly paid cash and did not feel like i would have to auction off a kidney to cover the expense. I have already referred him to family, friends, and even strangers. After nightmares with insurance, assembly line dentists, and bad workmanship, he is, simply, THE BEST.


Thanks again for seeing Linda on such short notice. Losing that front tooth filling was devastating to her so close to the baby shower. We both appreciate your accomodation. And best of all, she loves her new filling.

Best regards,



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